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Visiting Jefferson’s estate engages the senses, stimulates the mind and provides a fun and rewarding experience for all ages and interests.

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Jefferson's Restored Phaeton

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the phaeton riding vehicle that Jefferson designed for himself in the early 1800s. The phaeton was restored with a replica seat in 2017.

Charlottesville: Why Jefferson Matters

New York Review of Books

"Jefferson didn’t think America would stand still. The country would move ever forward, with education bringing enlightenment. That was the purpose of his university. It was to this Jefferson that statues have been raised." --Annette Gordon-Reed

Quoting Thomas Jefferson

Real or imagined? Find a Jefferson Quote Here

Thomas Jefferson is one of the most frequently quoted (and misquoted) figures in American history. Search this extensive collection of quotes by and about Thomas Jefferson—all fully verified and cited by the editors of the Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series.

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Help safeguard and share the mountaintop and the mind of Thomas Jefferson—for all people, for all time.


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"Thomas Jefferson’s astounding home and gardens reflect his skills as an architect and gardener, not to mention his boundless curiosity." - Southern Living Magazine